Feeling completely unsatisfied with the array of fruit bread on the market, I resolved to make my own. Isn’t that what everyone does?

Swirly whirly bread



Let me set the scene…

Last weekend I was sick.  Couldn’t get out of bed sick.  It was awful.  However I promised to bake the wonderful Matt some banana bread for his breakfast this week.  Being sick, I refrained from doing this (snot in the batter – how delightful!).  So I promised on Monday night that I would bake it on Tuesday evening.  I even took the bananas out of the freezer early and everything.  I was all set.  Until… (more…)

This is just a brief retrospective, to get the ball rolling, while we figure out the nuts and bolts of the blog (ie. pretty it up :)). It was during the course of this conversation that Lyndal came up with the idea of writing a cookbook. I jokingly suggest that we should start small, maybe a world famous blog first.

Inspired by my own idea, two days later I sent Lyndal the link to our new blog. Bugger asking her first! Too much talk, not enough action in that step. (more…)