A certain co-blogger recently went vego.  It was something to do with a small pig on an ad on the radio feeling sad.  Now, as much as I adore a juicy steak, roast chicken with all the trimmings or my most very favourite food of the moment, pork dumplings, I admit there are some delish vego meals that we have on a regular basis.  This is one of them, and I decided to post it in honour of Jo’s vegetarianism (silly though I think she is!). (more…)


Excuse my self-indulgence, as this post is a thinly-disguised opportunity to write about a little something I’m proud of.

I fatter myself that I have a green thumb.  Growing up with a golf superintendent/landscape manager Dad and Mum being an avid gardener, I’ve been encouraged to grow things from an early age.  In fact, the balcony of our little suburban flat holds a healthy aloe vera plant, an overachieving frangipani (that flowered twice last summer and is set to do so again), and Matt’s ‘pet’ bromeliad (Brom), our ‘pet’ pineapple (Spike) and Spanish moss.

But by far more interesting and impressive are the window boxes full of herbs that abide there.  Here’s a sneak peak of them: (more…)

Ok, this was supposed to go in my monthly baking round-up, but due to my habit of sharing the resulting baking, there has been excessive demand for the recipe (alright, so 3 people asked for it, but that’s 3 WHOLE people who liked my baking!). So, you asked for it… (more…)

This is just a brief retrospective, to get the ball rolling, while we figure out the nuts and bolts of the blog (ie. pretty it up :)). It was during the course of this conversation that Lyndal came up with the idea of writing a cookbook. I jokingly suggest that we should start small, maybe a world famous blog first.

Inspired by my own idea, two days later I sent Lyndal the link to our new blog. Bugger asking her first! Too much talk, not enough action in that step. (more…)