Apparently we take requests now. But I’m limiting it to people who are getting married in the next week. Oh, who am I kidding, you want it, I’ll bake it!

Kevin is a colleague. He’s English. Apparently he’s found it impossible to get an authentic Cornish pasty in Australia: carrots and peas are big no-nos evidently – I wouldn’t know, I’ve never eaten a pasty, Cornish or otherwise. He attempted to make them himself. He failed. (more…)


I have two small eggplant and two zucchini in the fridge (which for some reason I’m stuck on calling courgette at the moment – that’s what happens when you read too many English cookbooks!). (more…)

Cheer cheer the red and the white. Honour the name by day and by night!

For all you uninitiated, these are the first 2 lines of the Sydney Swans victory song.  Back when the mighty Sydney Swans were alive and kicking in the AFL Finals series, Jo and I decided to plan a red and white-themed 3 course lunch to celebrate them making it to the finals.  Unfortunately the  Swannies were knocked out of the AFL race in the semis, so didn’t come to the party.

Nonetheless, we decided to make it a red and white-themed commiseration lunch.  Either that or change it to a St George Dragons celebration lunch.  However none of us like the Dragons, so commiseration it is!  In hindsight, we could claim that the reason the Dragons won is because of us 😉 (more…)

You fat bastard, you fat bastard, you ate all the pies! Well, technically, I ate the pie, so I guess I’m a fat bastard. But Lyndal made me do it! And is it technically a pie if it doesn’t have any pastry? (more…)

Despite my plantive emails, texts, psychic messages, no recipe was forth coming this week from the extremely busy half of the Dinner Girls. I really thought the psychic messages would get through. Maybe Lyndal has tuned out the whine wavelength?* (more…)

So dinner was a hit – to the point where my Dad actually picked up his bowl and licked it clean!  So I thought I’d try one of Jamie Oliver’s dessert recipes.  And I tell you what – it tasted every bit as delicious as the picture in his book looked. (more…)