While that could in fact be an imitation of me eating, this time it’s a reflection of what I’m eating: turkey mince, to be exact. (more…)


A crazy week at work for both Lyndal and I meant that this week’s What shall I have for dinner? email went slightly wrong. First, I forgot to send it. Second, she had to actually do some work and didn’t have time to think up recipes for me (what’s that about, I ask you?).

After letting slip that I had a chicken carcass in the freezer, Lyndal leapt on that and promised to email me from home with a recipe for Asian noodle soup. She forgot. So a hasty text message recipe was sent through Friday afternoon. I deleted it. And since Lyndal is out of town playing her little heart out at a netball comp, I’ve decided to cobble together my vague recollection of her text with some quick Googling and go it alone…WARNING: this may not end well. And so, to the dulcet tones of Delta Goodrem (itunes on random, honestly!), I begin… (more…)