Last Sunday, I was supposed to be doing my research thesis for my Masters degree.  I was supposed to bake a cake containing dates to feature on my friend Katie’s blog (check out her Sweet Rustic blog here). I was also supposed to do a budget for the next 12 months.

Instead, the jar of dates I had mysteriously disappeared, my budget is boring and I’m procrastinating writing my thesis.  Therefore, I decided to make stroganoff and write about it.  Sound good?  Did to me too! (more…)


On Sunday afternoon Jo says, “Will you have time this week to tell me what to make for dinner?  I haven’t planned anything for Wednesday…” (more…)

What can you achieve in 5 hours?  A flight to Perth?  Yep.  Watch Juno twice?  Sure.  Procrastination from doing an essay on evidence-based health promotion?  Sometimes…  How about prepare and cook a 2 course pasta and dessert meal (from scratch) for your parents?  Definitely! (more…)