Those who know me well know I have a few obsessions.  Shoes, Michael Buble, Heston’s Feasts, ridiculously priced designer duds that I can neither afford or fit into, and dumplings.  Possibly the latter is why I don’t fit in said designer clothes,  Oh well.  I’m more obsessed with dumplings than the clothes! (more…)


A certain co-blogger recently went vego.  It was something to do with a small pig on an ad on the radio feeling sad.  Now, as much as I adore a juicy steak, roast chicken with all the trimmings or my most very favourite food of the moment, pork dumplings, I admit there are some delish vego meals that we have on a regular basis.  This is one of them, and I decided to post it in honour of Jo’s vegetarianism (silly though I think she is!). (more…)

Otherwise known as “I spent the grocery money on DVDs of Supernatural and now I have nothing to eat!” (Totally worth it though :))

Fortunately, I have the lovely Lyndal to tell me how to use those random cans of beans that we all have shoved at the back of the pantry (honestly, why do I have 5 cans of kidney beans?). (more…)