Introducing Stephanie.

Steph and Lyn - Ooh!

Steph plays netball.  She has pretty red hair and cute dimples.  She also has the same sized feet as me (and Jo!).  She has a wicked sense of humour, and doesn’t get squeamish talking about bodily fluids (or solids, for that matter!) and she’s the only girl I know who can (and does!) eat as much as I do.  To be fair, Jo can as well, she’s just more restrained than I am! (more…)


What can you achieve in 5 hours?  A flight to Perth?  Yep.  Watch Juno twice?  Sure.  Procrastination from doing an essay on evidence-based health promotion?  Sometimes…  How about prepare and cook a 2 course pasta and dessert meal (from scratch) for your parents?  Definitely! (more…)