Introducing Stephanie.

Steph and Lyn - Ooh!

Steph plays netball.  She has pretty red hair and cute dimples.  She also has the same sized feet as me (and Jo!).  She has a wicked sense of humour, and doesn’t get squeamish talking about bodily fluids (or solids, for that matter!) and she’s the only girl I know who can (and does!) eat as much as I do.  To be fair, Jo can as well, she’s just more restrained than I am! (more…)


An old friend of mine from primary school has a blog ( You should check it out!   Anyway, she’s enjoying baking ‘ye olde fashioned’ treats, and as it turns out, she doesn’t have a good chocolate self-saucing pudding recipe. So this post, Katie, is for you! (more…)

Ok, this was supposed to go in my monthly baking round-up, but due to my habit of sharing the resulting baking, there has been excessive demand for the recipe (alright, so 3 people asked for it, but that’s 3 WHOLE people who liked my baking!). So, you asked for it… (more…)

So dinner was a hit – to the point where my Dad actually picked up his bowl and licked it clean!  So I thought I’d try one of Jamie Oliver’s dessert recipes.  And I tell you what – it tasted every bit as delicious as the picture in his book looked. (more…)

After much nagging from my workmates, I’ve finally gotten around to baking Whoopie Pies. WTF are Whoopie Pies, I hear you ask? Well, basically, they’re cupcakes, but with the icing in the middle rather than on the top. Awesome idea, right? Really stupid name though… (more…)

“Hey Lyndal, let’s hang out on the weekend and work on something for the blog.”

Good idea, Jo. What shall we cook?”

“Chocolate! You can find some way to make a main with chocolate right?”

And apparently, she can… (more…)