Otherwise known as “I spent the grocery money on DVDs of Supernatural and now I have nothing to eat!” (Totally worth it though :))

Fortunately, I have the lovely Lyndal to tell me how to use those random cans of beans that we all have shoved at the back of the pantry (honestly, why do I have 5 cans of kidney beans?). (more…)


This is just a brief retrospective, to get the ball rolling, while we figure out the nuts and bolts of the blog (ie. pretty it up :)). It was during the course of this conversation that Lyndal came up with the idea of writing a cookbook. I jokingly suggest that we should start small, maybe a world famous blog first.

Inspired by my own idea, two days later I sent Lyndal the link to our new blog. Bugger asking her first! Too much talk, not enough action in that step. (more…)