Is it sad that a 30 year old woman has never roasted a chicken before? In my defence, it’s just never come up and now that I live on my own, there didn’t seem much point roasting a whole chicken for one person. However, earlier this week I was struck with twin urges: to roast a chicken and to write a blog post. (more…)


Cheer cheer the red and the white. Honour the name by day and by night!

For all you uninitiated, these are the first 2 lines of the Sydney Swans victory song.  Back when the mighty Sydney Swans were alive and kicking in the AFL Finals series, Jo and I decided to plan a red and white-themed 3 course lunch to celebrate them making it to the finals.  Unfortunately the  Swannies were knocked out of the AFL race in the semis, so didn’t come to the party.

Nonetheless, we decided to make it a red and white-themed commiseration lunch.  Either that or change it to a St George Dragons celebration lunch.  However none of us like the Dragons, so commiseration it is!  In hindsight, we could claim that the reason the Dragons won is because of us 😉 (more…)

You fat bastard, you fat bastard, you ate all the pies! Well, technically, I ate the pie, so I guess I’m a fat bastard. But Lyndal made me do it! And is it technically a pie if it doesn’t have any pastry? (more…)

Hey, most wonderful, fantastic Lyndal!” says Jo this morning.  OK, she didn’t really.  Actually, Jo doesn’t usually say ‘hey Lyndal’ or even ‘hello’ in her emails anymore, but that’s probably cos we email a lot!

I think I’m a bit low in iron at the moment, so your mission is to provide me with a meal that has stacks of iron, without having red meat, cos I’m off red meat at the mo” (more…)

“Hey Lyndal, let’s hang out on the weekend and work on something for the blog.”

Good idea, Jo. What shall we cook?”

“Chocolate! You can find some way to make a main with chocolate right?”

And apparently, she can… (more…)

A crazy week at work for both Lyndal and I meant that this week’s What shall I have for dinner? email went slightly wrong. First, I forgot to send it. Second, she had to actually do some work and didn’t have time to think up recipes for me (what’s that about, I ask you?).

After letting slip that I had a chicken carcass in the freezer, Lyndal leapt on that and promised to email me from home with a recipe for Asian noodle soup. She forgot. So a hasty text message recipe was sent through Friday afternoon. I deleted it. And since Lyndal is out of town playing her little heart out at a netball comp, I’ve decided to cobble together my vague recollection of her text with some quick Googling and go it alone…WARNING: this may not end well. And so, to the dulcet tones of Delta Goodrem (itunes on random, honestly!), I begin… (more…)