Ok, this was supposed to go in my monthly baking round-up, but due to my habit of sharing the resulting baking, there has been excessive demand for the recipe (alright, so 3 people asked for it, but that’s 3 WHOLE people who liked my baking!). So, you asked for it… (more…)


The past month has seen a fair bit of baking happen at my house, for no reason other than I’m bored.

As these haven’t filled the brief of ‘What shall I have for dinner?’ I haven’t been posting them, but today I was bored (and baking) and thought a nice little round up of my month in baking might be in order. Another benefit of actually posting as I’m baking? When someone asks for the recipe “for those delicious oat cookies you made the other day” I’d actually know where the hell it came from! (I suffer from a rare disorder – recipe amnesia.)

Please excuse the lack of photos for some of the offerings – it can be hard to handle a camera when you’re busy stuffing your face with baking!

So, brace yourself for an onslaught of sugar…

First up, Bread, Butter, Berry Teacake and Brownies. Does butter count as baking? I’m not sure, perhaps it should be put in the slightly more broad category of Farmyard Fixin’s? (more…)

Let me set the scene…

Last weekend I was sick.  Couldn’t get out of bed sick.  It was awful.  However I promised to bake the wonderful Matt some banana bread for his breakfast this week.  Being sick, I refrained from doing this (snot in the batter – how delightful!).  So I promised on Monday night that I would bake it on Tuesday evening.  I even took the bananas out of the freezer early and everything.  I was all set.  Until… (more…)