After crossing the border into Arizona on Day 3, we got our first taste of the institution that is In-n-Out Burger.  For those of you not fortunate to have sampled In-n-Out’s delicacies, they serve burgers, shakes and fries.  They’re made-to-order, so they’re fresh and hot.  They also have a real beefy flavour, more home-made burger than Big Mac.



Last Sunday, I was supposed to be doing my research thesis for my Masters degree.  I was supposed to bake a cake containing dates to feature on my friend Katie’s blog (check out her Sweet Rustic blog here). I was also supposed to do a budget for the next 12 months.

Instead, the jar of dates I had mysteriously disappeared, my budget is boring and I’m procrastinating writing my thesis.  Therefore, I decided to make stroganoff and write about it.  Sound good?  Did to me too! (more…)

Days 1-4 were spent in California, spread between Los Angeles and San Diego. The ‘cuisine’ we encountered was varied – from cheap ‘n’ tasty Japanese sets in Little Tokyo, LA, to cheap ‘n’ stodgy hotdogs in San Diego. (more…)

Apparently we take requests now. But I’m limiting it to people who are getting married in the next week. Oh, who am I kidding, you want it, I’ll bake it!

Kevin is a colleague. He’s English. Apparently he’s found it impossible to get an authentic Cornish pasty in Australia: carrots and peas are big no-nos evidently – I wouldn’t know, I’ve never eaten a pasty, Cornish or otherwise. He attempted to make them himself. He failed. (more…)

I have two small eggplant and two zucchini in the fridge (which for some reason I’m stuck on calling courgette at the moment – that’s what happens when you read too many English cookbooks!). (more…)

“I’d be safe and warm,

If I was in LA.

California Dreaming…”


Introducing Stephanie.

Steph and Lyn - Ooh!

Steph plays netball.  She has pretty red hair and cute dimples.  She also has the same sized feet as me (and Jo!).  She has a wicked sense of humour, and doesn’t get squeamish talking about bodily fluids (or solids, for that matter!) and she’s the only girl I know who can (and does!) eat as much as I do.  To be fair, Jo can as well, she’s just more restrained than I am! (more…)