Turns out Lyndal was right – it’s been a hella long time since we got off our lazy butts and wrote anything. That’s not to say that we haven’t been cooking, baking and eating in that time. We just hadn’t been doing it in any kind of organised manner. And since she’s spending the weekend primping and preening in a wedding, I guess that means it’s my turn.

So, while I was stuck inside on this sunny autumn day, studying, whipping up a batch of soup, cooking some dried black beans and nursing my rockclimbing scrapes and bruises (of which there are many – maybe I should take up less bruise-worthy sports…like cage fighting, perhaps?) I was thinking of what I could cook/eat/blog about.

Anyway, soup is all well and good – it’s healthy, filling, warm, uses up all those odds and ends of vegetables that you bought but haven’t got around to eating…  It’s all of those things, but one thing it’s not is interesting to write or read about. But what is good to read and write about? (Aside from the coursework that I should have been doing, of course.)

Muffins! Actually I was looking at recipes for cinnamon rolls, got distracted by savoury breads, got distracted again, saw a recipe for a sweet apple muffin, put 2 and 2 together and ended up with savoury muffins to go with my healthy, yet boring, soup.

Apple and cheese muffins

2 small gala apples, grated
3T natural yoghurt (or 1 egg for a less moist muffin)
2T oil
1/4c hard cheese, grated (I used pecorino)
2/3c flour
1t baking powder
1/2t sugar
1/2t dried rosemary
1/4t dried oregano
pinch salt

Preheat oven to 180°C.
Mix apple, yoghurt, oil and cheese together.
Add remaining ingredients and mix until dry ingredients are just moist.
Spray a 6-hole standard muffin tin with oil and divide mixture evenly.
Bake 35-40 mins until browned and cooked through.
Serve with soup or just butter them up – honey would work really well on them too…

I’d show you my bruises, but it’d probably put you off your muffin.


P.S. To save you all the dilemma of whether or not it would be good to add honey to your savoury muffin, I took one for the team and poured some on. Don’t do this unless you really like stuff. Any stuff. Doesn’t matter what – if you like stuff, you’ll like apple and cheese muffins with honey.

P.P.S. If you’re so inclined, I think bacon would work really well in these. I’m not testing that though, as I don’t eat poor little piggys.