I’m a self-confessed food tourist. I see food, I photograph it (badly) from as many angles as possible, then I eat as much of it as I can. I love making it, going out for it and sharing it. I think its safe to say it’s my (cliche alert!) passion. So I thought I’d indulge myself and post a whole bunch of pics of great meals I’ve had in the last 12 months. Enjoy the food porn!

South Bank Surf Club

First up its to the South Bank Surf Club in Brisbane for lunch at the restaurant owned by Ben O’Donoghue. On the menu? Heirloom tomato salad, the best salt and pepper squid I’ve ever tasted and gorgeous sourdough.

Tiramisu, doughnut and ricotta cheesecake at La Rosa Bar and Pizza

Then it was back to Sydney for dinner with some colleagues (and friends!) at the swanky La Rosa Bar and Pizzain the historic Strand Arcade. This place is one of my faves,

and has a fab

Hearty beef and spud stew at Petrol

wine list. Here’s some of the mouth-watering desserts.

One of the numerous work lunches we had to farewell our wonderful students was at Petrol in Potts Point. This place has become a favourite of ours due to the quick service, delicious food and nice setting (well, as nice as it can be in downtown Kings Cross!

Longrain’s famous eggnet

Next we farewelled a colleague and welcomed her new bub with a fancy dinner at Longrain. If you have not been there, it is absolutely worth the hype.

Especially for masterpieces like the famous eggnet, as immortalised on MasterChef.

Continuing on the Asian theme, I spent two weeks in Viet Nam, learning about health and social development in a culture very different to my own. Of course, I couldn’t pass up the chance to sample some local delights, like aromatic pho and a Miss Chu-esque spring roll salad in Saigon.

Spring roll salad and iced VN coffee

Pho from a street corner shop in Saigon

While I was in VN, I also came across some interesting

products. While the cashews with garlicky were tasty, I couldn’t bring myself to drink liquid collagen…

Mmm, garlicky!

Then it was off to Ho Chi Minh City. The inspirational restaurant KOTO (stands for Know One, Teach One) gives disadvantaged and street youths life skills and a profession, and produces damn fine food in the process. Our meals were beautifully presented, our waitress was charming and a fantasti

Liquid Bird’s Nest or Collagen, anyone?

c time was had by all.

Then came Christmas and another work lunch. The team travelled to Newcastle to enjoy our team Christmas lunch at Sprout in the

picturesque Honeysuckle precinct. On the

Banana flower salad at KOTO HCMC

menu? Delightful hazelnut gnocchi with a spinach puree.

And then there was Jamie… It was so good we’ve been there twice. With that thought I will leave you.

Monty’s (MacBook Pro) battery is fading and so am I.

Hazelnut gnocchi at Sprout

Goodnight all you food lovers, go dream of deliciousness!


Pastas at Jamie’s Italian