Days 1-4 were spent in California, spread between Los Angeles and San Diego. The ‘cuisine’ we encountered was varied – from cheap ‘n’ tasty Japanese sets in Little Tokyo, LA, to cheap ‘n’ stodgy hotdogs in San Diego.

On day 2 I realised the constant headache I couldn’t shake was sue to caffeine withdrawals… I realised this after we decided to check out the Cheesecake Factoryin sunny Hollywood. While chowing down on their ridiculously decadent (and large cheesecakes), I had my first American espresso coffee (not too bad, but half froth and weak coffee). Miraculously, my headache disappeared! I made sure to drink coffee each day from then on!

Carrot cake batter swirled through cheesecake

Layers of cheesecake, red velvet cake and white choc ganache