“I’d be safe and warm,

If I was in LA.

California Dreaming…”

The Mamas and the Papas sang about it, and after a rainy Autumn afternoon in normally sunny Sydney (and the thought that I had to go home to an empty house after Matt left for Chicago this morning), I’m feeling it!

The countdown is on, 5 days to go until I start my biggest adventure so far: a 3 week trip to the USA and Hawaii.  And I can’t wait!

America is known for its ridiculous potion sizes foodwise (check out the despicable http://www.heartattackgrill.com/), however I am looking forward to experiencing the excesses (in moderation), and also some fantastic cuisine while I’m there. Maybe not these though:

Choc-chip Pancake and Sausage... Hmm...

Corn dog pizza. Is a corn dog like a pluto pup?

I’ll post about my culinary experiences as I go, more for my own memories than anything else.  But if you’d like to suggest a place to try, leave a comment here.