A crazy week at work for both Lyndal and I meant that this week’s What shall I have for dinner? email went slightly wrong. First, I forgot to send it. Second, she had to actually do some work and didn’t have time to think up recipes for me (what’s that about, I ask you?).

After letting slip that I had a chicken carcass in the freezer, Lyndal leapt on that and promised to email me from home with a recipe for Asian noodle soup. She forgot. So a hasty text message recipe was sent through Friday afternoon. I deleted it. And since Lyndal is out of town playing her little heart out at a netball comp, I’ve decided to cobble together my vague recollection of her text with some quick Googling and go it alone…WARNING: this may not end well. And so, to the dulcet tones of Delta Goodrem (itunes on random, honestly!), I begin…

Chicken stock

1x chicken carcass (courtesy of my lovely parents, who while on holiday from NZ called in to bone a chicken for me. Oh, and to see me for the first time in 18mths. But mainly the chicken thing.)

Mum and I couldn't actually figure out how to spell carcass

2x celery sticks – bet you didn’t really believe I kept in the freezer, did you? Well, I do. And it’s awesome.

You know you want some

Other random stuff, like a carrot, a bay leaf, some dried thyme, black pepper, a shit-load of garlic, and an onion. There was supposed to be ginger in there, but when I opened the jar of minced ginger it had an unappealing layer of black mould, so I threw it out.

Looking good so far.

2hrs later…

To the much more inspiring sounds of Waking up in Vegas I begin stage two, but immediately hit a hiccup when I pull the tofu out of the fridge and discover it too is past it’s best. A quick substitution is made with the chicken pulled off the carcass, some yummy noodles, bok choy, bean shoots and green beans are all thrown into a pot with a cup of boiling stock and some carefully measured soy and fish sauces.

And the verdict is…

Although it looks to be all noodles, there’s actually a lot of soup and vege in there, and basically, despite all predictions to the contrary, it tastes pretty awesome. Could’ve used done with some ginger though…